Cañón del Rio Guejar



The Orinoquia of Colombia, it is a work that shows us the diversity of the nature and the magnitude of this region, which serves as a livelihood to important tropical ecosystems as we stopped, Andean forests, humid jungles, morichales, bush and grassland, in which fauna lives whose number of species of birds, fish, mammals and reptiles, they constitute fundamental assets of the planet’s natural heritage and in an inexhaustible source of resources for the country.

The rivers and streams that flow through the mountains and descend on slopes and deep canyons to then cross the plain, up to the Orinoco, the third largest river of the Planet, they are another source of wealth and fertility and serve as natural pathways communication for the inhabitants of this region, friendly and hospitable people that they have maintained their traditions and customs.

Cañon del Rio Guejar Todo Incluido

Mesetas - Meta

Package Includes
  • Transport from Villavicencio to plateaus round trip
  • Internal transportation
  • Medical assistance insurance
  • Breakfast · Refreshment · lunch
  • Boat tour for approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes
  • Accompaniment by experienced certified guides
  • Technical guide and rescuer
Does not Include